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YOUTH/ junior high

Studies and Fellowship designed for those in 7TH grade through Highschool

about the ministry

Youth / Junior High @ Worship

Youth: high school

Junior High: grades 7-8


At Youth & Junior High, we’re on a journey to become three things:

disciples – everything we do to grow closer to Jesus;

friends – everything we do to grow closer to one another; 

helpers – everything we do to grow closer to our community.


We gather twice weekly at the Youth House: Saturday mornings at 9:30AM for Youth Church (High School), and Tuesday nights at 6:00PM for Youth Night (Middle School + High School).


We have outings throughout the month so be sure to follow us on Instagram @visaliasdayouth and Facebook @Visalia SDA Youth for updates.


Youth / Junior High @ Mission

Youth missions play a pivotal role in both nurturing the spiritual growth of the younger generation and fostering community outreach. As young people engage in mission work, they not only solidify their own faith but also become vibrant ambassadors of the Gospel, exemplifying Christ's message of love and service. 


By working in their communities, these youth are practicing a hands-on form of evangelism, which often resonates more profoundly than words alone. Such efforts, guided by the tenets of the Adventist Church, aim to not only bring spiritual solace but also address the tangible needs of communities. 


Through acts of service, community projects, and personal testimonies, these young missionaries are paving the way for a more connected, understanding, and spiritually enriched community. They serve as a testament to the transformative power of faith in action, showcasing the potential of youth-driven evangelism in building bridges and effecting positive change.

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